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15 January 2012 @ 11:46 am
so hey everyone! It's been quite awhile and I'm glad to see the Suits fandom still active. Unfortunately, I have no been watching the newer episodes of Suits, so I don't really know what's going on. I do have all the episodes downloaded, so I hope to continue watching the series. I'm also patiently awaiting for season 2. i know i need to make some new icons and such, but i do have photoshop any more. my computer crashed and everything was erased. so, I'm starting from scratch. anyway i'll try to get things up, but no promises.

emily x
18 August 2011 @ 07:30 pm
for now, i'm focusing on school and such.
12 August 2011 @ 03:14 pm
So, the back story on these wallpapers is that they're meant for a request, but it's not what the person requested. I kind of started off going in the direction she wanted and then I strayed. While making the first version of the wallpaper, I ended up making a completely different wallpaper. On trial two, it turned out like the ones that I'm posting. I consider the request done, but if she wants me to re-do it or not satisfied with the way it turned out, I will re-do it. :) This was actually a lot of fun. I loved playing with all the textures.

resolution for these are 1280 x 720, they turned out small by accident. :C

So, this is kind of very far off from what you wanted, I apologize for that! I started working and then I realized that it was going to look funky for the first way I had it, so I changed it up. But, now it doesn't really fit what you wanted.
08 August 2011 @ 03:47 pm

I'm sorry for the simpleness of them all! Just click the preview image and wa-la! The resolution is 1280x800. I'm still working on that request and I'm really sorry for the long wait! I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do. ._. I will have it done this week though! @ iscaris  
24 July 2011 @ 10:49 pm
the rest under the cut! 
Learn the Harvard Song. Collapse )
23 July 2011 @ 11:49 pm
 i've got some icons finished, but i don't want to post anything till i get the wallpapers done. 
i'm still a little iffy on some of the wallpaper designs, but hopefully i can get them done soon!
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22 July 2011 @ 02:17 pm
 Once I get all these screencaptures downloaded, I'm going to start working on everything. 


It feels so good to be back. 
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WARNING: THIS IS A HUGE TEXT POST! Some of this is part of my headcanon too....sooo yeah.

First off, I just have to say I love Gina Torres and the character she plays and my heart just broke when she found out her ex-husband had been cheating on her before they split. I can't understand how she feels, but I can say I understand how her character felt when she found out someone she loved had ALS. My mom actually died of ALS a few years ago, so this episode kind of hit home. ALS currently has no cure. (As you saw on the show) I'm kind of glad that Suits gave ALS this kind of exposure. It's most common among the older group of the population. My mom was diagnosed with it around the age of 50.

Harvey Specter kind of showed some heart in this episode. His relationship with Jessica seems to be blossoming into something more than mentor and student or just friends. They are definitely something to look forward too. Harvey's snark is there as always and he didn't fail to make me laugh everytime he talked to Mike. Him and Mike tend to go hand in hand now. You can't have Harvey without Mike. (I'll explain more later) As for his character development, he's still the heartless lawyer that we all know and love him for.  I can't wait to see how he handles Mike's baggage in the next episode. I hope there are plenty of Mike and Harvey moments because this show can never have enough Mike/Harvey moments.

Speaking of Mike and Harvey moments, the part where Mike shows up in Harvey's suit reminds me of a fanfiction that was posted on the Suits Kink Meme. I'm pretty sure many of you have read it, but if you have not read it, here's a link to the it! It's a great read and the writing style is pretty fantastic. click right here to read! Another moment that I thought was adorable was when Mike made a jab at Harvey for having no heart. There were plenty of moments with Mike and Harvey, but USA likes to balance all the homosexual undertones with some heterosexual moments. One more thing before I start talking about the heterosexual side of SUITS, Mike seems to handle things a little bit better when Harvey is present. His complete melt down on his first case seemed like it was because he didn't have Harvey to back him up. As cute as I think that is, I hope he develops a sense of independecy. Harvey has a lot to teach him. Mike's doing a pretty good job at becoming a mini!Harvey though. <3

Rachel and Mike's relationship is definitely something I can see falling through and causing a disaster. In the end it'll be worth it, but Rachel is already made her stand on the matter. I'm waiting patiently to see how USA carries this out. I'm hoping it won't be something completely cliche but it kind of already is. 

This part here is just my little random note section where I put comments on what I thought about the episode and the could or could not be completely intelligent comments.

  • Mike is adorable. I wanted to hug him when he had that train wreck in the court room. I just imagined Harvey hugging him....but then I realized that only happens in fanfictions. I would love to see a Harvey&Mike hug eventually.
  • Mike is a mini!Harvey. I bet Harvey is proud in some way. :3
  • Louis is shfjhdsfjksdhfjksdf. I hate him, but I love him.
  • Rachel is amazing. She and Harvey would make a good match....is that weird and am I the only who thinks that? Their personalities would probably clash and they'd have way to many arguements.
  • When Harvey was in the room with Jessica and Lisa, all I could think was AWKWARDDD. Poor guy.
Next week's episode looks fantastic. I can't wait to see how the story plays out. If all goes as how I planned it out in my head, Harvey is quoting Nana Ross and Trevor is some how going to find a way to ruin Mike's job. It's probably not a good idea to drink shots with a guy who almost had you arrested and now knows that you work at a law firm with no law degree. I spell blackmail or something worse. Hopefully Harvey will magically save the day. I sense a lot of Harvey and Mike moments in next week's episode! USA don't disappoint! 

(btw; this is kind of a spoiler. I was reading on Wiki about future episodes and I'm not too thrilled about Mike having trouble not spilling his secret to Rachel. It's bad enough that Louis could possibly suspect something. I really hope the writers know what they're doing, and they probably do. I'm putting complete faith into this show, so I truly hope I'm not disappointed by the outcome.}
hopefully i'll be in the mood to edit.
-.- just spent a few hours staring at photoshop and deciding everything i made looked like poo.
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07 July 2011 @ 10:31 pm
I am going to try and work on episode two icons and see if anyone has caps for episode three yet. I also need to put some credit links up! I am going to be gone for the next two weeks so I will not be around to post anything on episodes 4&5 until I get back. ;-; Thank you for all the kind comments! I hope I won't disappoint. <3
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